Carter/Johnson Leather Library July 2011 - Volume 1 - Issue 7

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  • New Acquisitions

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  • That’s Some Stuff Right There

  • Bootblack History Project

  • TNG Corner

  • The Tradition of Passing on History through Story-Telling

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New Acquisitions

The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline

By John Willie, Belier Press 1974

There have been quite a few books added to the library this month. Truthfully it was a bit difficult to pick one book to spotlight, so, I picked two.

Sweet GwendolineFirst on this list is the John Willie classic The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline. Willie started publishing Gwendoline’s escapades in 1946. She was serialized in several different magazines and then compiled and published by Belier Press.Sweet Gwendoline

Gwendoline and her bondage laden adventures have inspired dominant and submissive alike. How in the world could one sweet and very pretty young woman get herself into so very much trouble? Gwendoline is tied and tormented by foe and friend alike. The Library is pleased to add this 1974 original to the special edition already in the collection.Sweet Gwendoline

Der-Flagetemus Der Flagellantismus als literarisches Motiv

Dr. Ernst Schertel, Parthenon-Verlag, Leipzig Germany 1930

Der Flagellantismus als literarisches MotiveDer Flagellantismus als literarisches Motive (The Flagellation as a literary motif) is another German tome that has just been added to the growing section of rare books. This 1930 original addition is replete with illustrations both photographed and sketched. The author covered the topic in four books of which this is the first. A 1957 series of twelve books (also in the Library rare section) also published in Germany are more sectionalized reprints of this book and the other three. Der Flagellantismus als literarisches Motive

One of my great joys is taking people through the Library and showing them the many hidden gems of kink history that are on the shelves. Exploration and discovery often lead to the question, “Can you tell me more about this?”

Tales from the Librarian

Welcome to this month’s edition of “Tales from the Librarian” – watch and listen as Vi talks about her adventures at TES 40.

(Video Missing)

Equus Eroticus:

Equus EroticusIn the very early 1980’s, the woman I was serving told me that she had a fantasy about driving a slave powered chariot. Right after spinning this wonderful and elaborate daydream, I was informed that I should set about building the vehicle. Ok, I thought, this didn’t sound too very difficult. So, I pulled out my books on Egypt and took a good look at the racing chariots of the Pharaohs then compared them to some old John Willie sketches of pony girl carts.

During the many weeks it took my hands to build that chariot, my mind was creating a fantasy world of its own. In my world I was the trainer and groomer of the human ponies that would be pulling the vehicle. I began to see myself in groomsman garb. My imaginary rooms in the stable allowed me a special rapport with my horses. I would make their gear, train them, spoil them, love them and they would proudly pull and prance for me. Mine would not be the fancy garbed, narrow legged “mare” of Willie’s drawings but a handsome Shire, Clydesdale or Percheron. The trouble was, Willie hadn’t drawn those images. I guess I was alone. (Many years later I got to fulfill part of that fantasy, but that’s another story.)

Some fifteen or sixteen years later, at an early Black Rose event, I was handed a magazine, opened to a story about a human pony: a male human pony. The fantasies of my kinkling days rushed back as I read the pages. The magazine was Equus Eroticus.

Equus EroticusIn the late “90’s, Paul Reed began to publish Equus Eroticus for the men and women who shared a love of the two legged horse. Have you ever had kinky thoughts staring at the drawings of John Willie’s pony girls imagining what it would feel like to have a long beautiful tail? Maybe you have fantasized about being drawn in your private cart by a beautiful mare or stallion. If so, Equus Eroticus is the magazine for you.

There are twenty two issues of the magazine in print form with more articles on their website The issues are full of interviews, art, training tips, gear, event reviews and advertisements for ponies and those who love them. In these pages the equine admirer can read how people are making their pony dreams come true in real life. Thumb through the pages and see photos of ponies with their carts and riders on the streets, in the parks and on the trails of towns and cities around the country. Equus Eroticus

Do you need a cart? Check Equus Eroticus. Can’t find a tail worthy of your high stepping prance? Check Equus Eroticus. You just don’t remember what pony won best in show at Camp Crucible? Check Equus Eroticus. Do you want a pony of your very own? Until you get one … there is Equus Eroticus.

See you in the Library.

Bootblack History Project

Bootblack Brigade Bootblack History Project (BHP) is being produced by the Bootblack Brigade in conjunction with the Carter-Johnson Leather Library. This project is designed to be a living history project to help document the Bootblack community and all that we have done and all that we hear. We are the bartenders of the leather community, and hear a lot of history. It’s time to document it all!

This project will enable us to provide displays at certain events to “show” what bootblacking is, and has been, throughout history. This is a traveling project that will collect video, written and oral documentation of the history of, and stories about Bootblacking and the bootblack experience.

About the Bootblack Brigade:

Mission Statement: to promote and foster the art of bootblacking and to offer fellowship, guidance and camaraderie for both seasoned and novice bootblack alike.

The goal of the Bootblack Brigade is to:

  • Support members by offering a platform for fellowship
  • Encourage members to develop their skills
  • Inspire members to run for regional and international Bootblack Titles
  • Be visible at leather events

The Brigade is invested in helping members:

  • Become stewards within their leather communities
  • Assist their community and help to mentor new and fledgling bootblacks
  • Uphold the traditions and values of the BootBlack Brigade

That’s Some Stuff Right There

There have always been things in Jill’s and my collection that are hard to put in categories.  With the help of Jez the Library Genie we finally came up with a name for all the “stuff.”  We are going to just call it “STUFF” and will be telling you about it as we find it.

The newest additions to the “Stuff” category are two packs of cards.

The first, a pack of bondage “trading” cards, was found on Ebay. There are 23 double sided cards in the box. The pictures range from the early 1920’s to modern day.

The second, is a pack of 52 playing cards, all featuring women in bondage. I have a feeling that a game of poker might take on new meaning if using this deck. Who could concentrate!

TNG Corner:

The Fabric of Fantasy – by Jaki Grier

I love fantasy.

In my mind, I have crawled naked covered in gaping wounds through my own blood screaming for the opportunity to smell a warm crotch. I’ve been held down and penetrated by monsters, raped into unconsciousness only to awake into a fresh horror. I’ve met my match as a faceless woman loomed over me and her hot piss hits the side of my weeping face. Fantasy lets me try on my nightmares, tailor them to my liking and walk out into the daylight in a badass outfit.

I don’t like your fantasies.

At least, not the ones you try to force me into. They don’t fit me right. Not enough room in the leg. They weren’t made for me. Every now and then, someone else’s fantasy causes me grief. I log onto and view the newest picture all my friends are drooling over. There is some petite woman in ballet shoes doing a yoga-inspired slave position while carefully placing a crystal wineglass onto a dining room table. There are fifty comments that laud the photo saying, “What a perfect slave!” “That’s how a bitch should serve!”

Really? All slaves need to do this? And with that, I’ve been ripped from my seat in front of the computer and shoved into those tiny shoes. Instead of the model, now I’m perched over that table thinking, “What the fuck, I didn’t ask to be here!” I hope the photographer doesn’t take the next photo of me where I’m lying in a glass-covered bloody mess after losing my balance and face-planting into the dinnerware. Or better yet, the picture later that night where I’m pulling my swollen feet out of those slippers.

I don’t like your fantasy. I like mine. Stop pulling me in because you think people with my label are interchangeable. Stop using words like “all” or phrases like “only good slaves” because you’re saying that everyone outside your specific wank fodder isn’t quality.

If I like you, maybe we can build the right fantasy together; a two person Snuggie. We can wrap ourselves under the fabric, breathing the same air and pulling the warm down around our bodies. We can sweat, claw, scramble and dive in our space, drinking each other for nourishment in the little universe we’ve created.

If I don’t like you, maybe I’ll pull you into my dark thoughts where all us bad slave minions swarm your house like obedient zombies clamoring at the windows trying to get a taste of you. Such a delicious Dominant smell you have, Master. This slave would be honored to dine.

You want a mindless sex slave? Be careful what you ask for.