Needs & Wishes List The Library Needs Your Help

While cold hard cash is always a useful thing, the Carter/Johnson Library could use your help in so many other ways as well. We are always on the lookout for missing, lost, forgotten, and barely in existence works for the shelves and binders. We desperately need the eyes and ears of the community to help us find these works in order to complete our collections, introduce new items to the younglings, uncover new artists and authors, or save the last few remaining pieces of kink history from… whoever, whenever, or whatever fits the bill. 

Whenever you are near an estate auction, know a kinky friend cleaning out their closets, digging through a yard sale, or browsing on eBay … please remember the Library. We would be honored to receive donations of these works, or if a donation is not possible for you, we would appreciate a message with a little information on the item and where it can be found, and a way to contact someone who could act as an agent for the Library and claim the item if necessary.

Below are lists of some specific needs and wants the Library has right now. Thank you so much for any and all help you can provide!

Clubs, Houses, & Events

    • Handbooks
    • Manuals
    • Newsletters
    • Movies & DVDs
    • Programs
    • Posters

Traveling Costs

    • Gas Cards
    • Frequent Flyer Miles
    • Hotel Points
    • Starbucks Gift Cards
    • Other Traveling Gift Cards
    • Other Travel Rewards

Books, Art, & Other Media

    • What are you reading? 
      • Do we know about it?
      • Do we have it?
      • If no to either of the above, why not?
    • All things Menga
    • Absolutely Anything from
      • Verlag Press
      • Flagstaff Press
      • Gargoyle Press
      • Fan Fiction
      • New Authors
      • New Artists


People & Services

    • Event Volunteers
    • Plumber
    • Electrician
    • Small backhoe use & operator

General Library Stuff

    • K&A Vertical Power Strips w/ USBs
    • Rigid Top Loader Poster Sleeves
      • 12×17
      • 18×24
      • 16×20
    • White Archivist Gloves
    • Bootblack Memorabilia
    • Backup Hard Drives, Prefered Terabite or Larger
    • Unikeep 3 right binders
    • Mini Binders
    • Ringless Cases
    • View Binder Notebooks
      • ½ inch
      • 1 ½ inch
      • 2 inch
    • 3M Strips
    • Transparent Sheet Protectors
    • Uline Archival Boxes
    • Display Boards
      • 6 foot 3 fold
      • Table Top Displays
      • Board w/ Case
    • Rims 16.5×6.5